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Make an Album With Mike (Flexible 4 Pay)

Make an Album With Mike (Flexible 4 Pay)

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$500 off: 1 x US$250 today, then 3 x US$250 monthly

I'm working closely with a small group of musicians and producers for 4 months. Together we'll complete our albums by December 1 2023. Whether you're making a release-ready album or a collection of 10-12 individual songs/tracks... The "Make an Album With Mike" (MAWM) program will mean you get a bunch of high-quality music release ready!

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Here’s the 3 Phases of Making an Album

NOW: Preparation

When you join, you'll immediately gain access to a "Preparation Session" I ran for some Early Birds at the start of August.

Light on commitment and time in this session, and you'll gain clarity on your musical direction.

I'll also help you organise and arrange your life outside the studio.

The quicker you start preparing - the more time you'll have to make a quality album on deadline.

Because the more you prepare, the better you'll be set up so that even with work, family, friends and life - you can laser-focus on making the best possible album.

Sept 3rd - 28th: Idea Generation

Extreme quantity is the best method to create high-quality songs that work together.

So we'll turbocharge your idea generation to discover what your album could become.

(I can’t wait to see your “amazed” face when this happens!) 🤓

Sept 29th - Oct 26th: Execution

First, you'll say "no" to most of the ideas you’ve made.So you can focus on those which resonate.

You'll still work on more than ends up on the final album so you won't have to force ANYTHING.

By focusing on the best, building draft arrangements that "just work" is a breeze.

Oct 27th - Nov 30th: Presentation

By now, some songs will be "musts". Others will be "possibles".

Starting with the "musts", we'll go deep into solving the problems in your album tracks.

Together we’ll iron out the issues between you and that album you can be proud of!

Our final deadline is December 1

Giving us a week to finish up any bits and pieces.

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When you add the ongoing motivation of making our albums together as a team?

I KNOW this will be an extraordinary experience.

Here’s how the Make An Album With Mike program works:

M.A.W.M. Team Coaching

Every Thursday (Friday if you're Aus/NZ), we will meet for 2 hours. We'll alternate between:

a. Thoughtnado Sessions (bi-weekly from Sept 3)
"Thoughtnados" are my thinking tools designed to deliver deep insight into your music. Thinking like this increases the quality of your music AND removes wasted hours of frustration.

b. Studio Hours (bi-weekly from Sept 14)
I will personally help you solve the inevitable problems you’ll face making your album.

Bring music for feedback.

Or a problem you're stuck on.

Together we’ll find a breakthrough.

NOTE: to keep it simple, ALL SESSIONS start at the same time - 3pm EST (New York).

PLUS: All sessions are recorded. So if you can’t make it you won’t miss a thing.

Weekly Music Sessions

Either attend the "Magic Music Machine" sessions live on Zoom - or join the recorded replays.

During the sessions, you'll make your music with others making theirs. This is "Solo Collaboration" - a weekly lightning bolt of motivation and clarity. 2.5 hours of focused music-making feels like 2.5. minutes!

I'll give you step-by-step music games to unlock your creativity. I will design them bespoke for the needs/wants of the album team at every phase.

These sessions start at 3pm on September 3 2023 (EST/New York), then weekly until November 23.

PLUS - after the MAWM program is finishes on December 1, you’ll get lifetime access to the ongoing Magic Music Machine program to continue making music with other Music Machine users.

(NOTE: All sessions are recorded if this doesn't work with your schedule. So you can do them when you want.)

Plus between sessions, you can ask questions, support others, and share your progress with your community and coaches.

M.A.W.M. Team Community

You'll also join a private MAWM-only area of the Make Music Your Life Tribe. Between sessions we’ll share successes, stay accountable, and solve your problems.

“Sweet Release!” Bonus Session

MAWM is focused on making the album, so you'll have it done by December 1st.

But in this final session, after celebrating our success, we'll focus on releasing and promoting your album to maximise exposure.

I've run MAWM twice and learnt from both groups. So I can't wait to share my improved methods to make an album with you. I can't wait to design new tools for your specific needs.