What is the The F.A.S.T. Splurge?

Let’s face it. Life is going to be crazy!

Between everything you're doing - family, work, projects, etc. - you're going to feel like there's never enough time.

So you're going to have to put your music on the backburner - right?

18 months ago I would have said yes, but still I'd have encouraged you to keep progressing with these obvious facts:

  • To become successful you have to do what most others don't and won’t...
  • Making progress WHEN life is crazy determines your success...
  • Prioritising music WHEN you've no time or motivation is building a muscle you’ll desperately need when you DO have a successful music career...

No doubt, this is all true. But when you are in the midst of a crazy time of your life...

Isn't it impossible to keep your eyes on the prize?

How on earth do you keep going when there’s no time, energy or motivation?

Isn't it just easier to "put music on the back-burner for now"?


Because I’ve just made a shocking discovery...

The “back-burner” is NOT your only option!


The FAST Splurge is an idea generation method I developed through making 524 pieces of music in 17 months.

I have almost no time to make music, but it's important to me and my mental well-being! Since returning to music - if it’s going nowhere I get sad and angry FAST!

So I asked myself how I could make maximum progress on much better music with zero space in my life for deliberate practice.

Out of my 17 month long extended experiment came this simple, turbo-charged process to make much better music with much less effort by explosively improving your idea generation.

The FAST Splurge makes your practice way more potent...you improve as a music producer at a startling rate...and it consistently delivers clarity on your highest impact next steps.

How it works is by focusing your mind before a session...

Stretching you (beyond what you believe is possible) during a session...

And embedding a lightning fast feedback loop after each session.

It’s everything I discovered through completing 524 pieces of music in 17 months...distilled into a potent, powerful process of ever increasing improvement.

If you’d like to make your music fly DURING any busy season...YOU’VE FINALLY FOUND THE SOLUTION!