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Simple Secrets of Masterful Music

Simple Secrets of Masterful Music

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You’ll discover how to make your music sing, pop & pound WITHOUT having to get a music degree...

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Here's what "Simple Secrets of Masterful Music" includes:

What Makes Great Music GREAT?

In this program, you’ll get the secret cheat codes that unlock great music - and finally understand the universal principles which make music tick.

You’ll discover how the best music works through 12 "music games" so you can actively apply the new insights in your music BY MAKING MUSIC!

By the end of this program, you'll know how to improve your music by understanding how music works on a fundamental level...

6 Simple Secrets of Masterful Music

  1. Discover why insanely catchy "ear worms" stick in your fans heads...this will work even if you don’t play any instruments or have a minimal set up...
  2. Create arrangements that fall into place fast by leveraging the near-universal framework that’s constantly used by musical legends in almost every genre of music...
  3. How to use the most irresistible human drive - tension and release - to make music which moves...
  4. What every wannabe musician and producer misses in their flat and lifeless music, and how to use simple contrast to transform “meh” tracks into killer cuts...
  5. An approach to mixing which allows you to focus on the details WITHOUT getting lost in them, so every tweak you make serves the big picture...
  6. Create 3D technicolour songs that jump out of the speakers without getting a mixing/mastering degree...

Listen like an Oxford Musician

BONUS: "How to Listen Like an Oxford Trained Musician" Audio Masterclasses giving you ALL the hidden secrets I gained from my Oxford Music Degree...

Lifetime Access

This program is flexible and 100% "self serve" so you can do it in your own time at your own pace...

But that's just the beginning, because to become a music machine - you're going to want to practice the process.

Which is easy to do with the recordings you'll have forever!

Supportive Community

You'll also gain access to the Make Music Your Life Tribe.

This is the most supportive music community on the internet where I, my coaches and the entire community can answer any questions you have.

So no matter when you do the training, you can be sure you'll always know exactly what to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Simple Secrets of Masterful Music and your other programs?

This is the only Make Music Your Life training focused on the universal principles of music theory (without learning music theory).

I've purchased Simple Secrets of Masterful Music already, is there added value to doing it again?

If you already have this program, this is the same program you purchased in the past, so please send us an email by hitting the "?" at the bottom right corner of this site if you would like to access it in the new Tribe community.

How long do I have access?

You have lifetime access!

After you purchase, you'll gain access to the Make Music Your Life Tribe, where the recordings are hosted.

You'll have lifetime access to this so you can practice as many times as you'd like.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

I'm sure you're going to love Simple Secrets of Masterful Music. So I’m going to take all the risk here and offer you a unique money back guarantee.

Make sure you email support [at] and ask for a refund within 1 year of purchase. Within 30 days you’ll get all your money back, no worries.