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Make Music Your Life Presents "The Leap"

Make Music Your Life Presents "The Leap"

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Get a proven creative system for creating, finishing, and releasing better (and higher quality) music in much less time. You'll know EXACTLY what you're working on, down to the exact steps to take.

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What You're Going To Get...

5 Stages of the Creative Process

Uncover the 5 stages of the creative process and how to take the necessary steps to improve the quality of your music while finishing your music at a faster rate than most producers

Never Lose Progress

Quickly identify which tracks you should be working on at any given moment (even while you're working on multiple tracks at the same time!), plus the specific actions you need to take to finish each and every track.

Make More Music, Even If You're Busy

My unique process I've developed while helping top pros and aspiring producers answer the question: "How do I create more, better music with a ridiculously busy life?"

Exciting & Fun Approach To Great Music

A discovery approach (as opposed to a design approach) to creating great music with what strengths and abilities you ALREADY have, which means you won't need new gear OR "production tips" for designing the perfect sound in your head

Better Music In Less Time

Learn the #1 mistake most producers make inside the studio that leads to ruining already great pieces of music (plus how to correct the "listening error" by listening your music in a non-studio setting)

The Most Supportive Online Community

The Tribe - my elite community full of dedicated, passionate "Producers on the Rise" who can also support and hold you accountable through the journey of creating your own Music Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is right for me?

1. You're serious about making much better music.

2. You are open-minded, friendly and coachable.

3. You know you could make better music with less time and effort.

Will this work if I make [insert your genre] music?

Absolutely. The Automatic Music Machine is a "genre agnostic" approach to doubling the quality and quantity of your music.

Inside the program we have producers, musicians and songwriters from a DIVERSE background. We run the gambit from classical and jazz, to death metal and rock, to bluegrass and folk. 

Although the majority of the members ARE producing electronic music because my audience consists of people from that world. (No surprise considering MY background in house, techno, and electronica...) 

That said, EVERYTHING inside of The Automatic Music Machine will apply to you, as long as you are writing, making and/or producing music. 

And that's because (as you'll see) the games you play work with the creative process on a "meta" level... it doesn't deal with the nitty gritty details of how to create tracks for specific genres.

In fact, one of the entire GOALS of the program is to accelerate the development of your own unique style... regardless of the genre you're creating. 

And in that regard, we have members who have been reporting that they've been making the BEST music of their entire careers... music that THEY are saying is "truly reflective" of THEM.

Will this work if I make music in [insert your DAW/set up]?

Automatic Music Machine, like all of my programs, is "DAW neutral", so no matter what software or tools you’re working with, this will work for you.

Remember: this isn't a music production tutorial on how to "produce" and use your tools - it’s a Universal system for optimizing your creative process.

If you happen to have a DAW or hardware specific question, then someone in the Tribe community will be able to help you. You can post your question to ask, or hop on a Live Session and we can talk about it together. 

Will this work if I'm a producer / songwriter / mixing engineer / film composer / etc.?

This is NOT something you need to worry about. As you're reading this now, I'm coaching a one-to-one client who writes songs. I am coaching her about specifically her lyrics using the Magic Music Machine

Having said that, the Automatic Music Machine (AMM) is best learned with INSTRUMENTAL music (and if you want to become a better producer the AMM is hands down the best way to do that).

But that's simply because writing lyrics AND music create more complexity in your process. There's additional things you need to think about. And learning the AMM is a process which requires you to overcome a lot of bad habits and learn new ways of doing and being which require effort until these new ways become natural for you.

So by lowering the bar and (first time through) writing instrumentals allows you to focus more on the CREATIVE PROCESS ITSELF - which lies "above" whatever it is you might be creating.

We have songwriters, hip hop artists, film composers, classical composers who write music on paper - and of course instrumental electronic producers.

So in short - DO NOT WORRY.

If you want to do it - then me and the MMYL team and community are here to help you get the process (and results) you're looking for.

Insane Progress Before Your Eyes.

On top of the Music Machine System, you’ll get the Machine Tracking Method.

Forget files, projects and music lost in the depths of your hard drives. Simultaneous progress on massive quantities of music is a breeze.

The Machine Tracking Method takes full advantage of project management systems from the software industry, upgrading and updating them for your problems as a music producer.

Organise all your projects with a simple system so you’ll know exactly where everything is.
Immediately find any song you’ve ever worked on and listen back on any device.
Straight away see every tracks progress, what you’ve done and what you could do.
Immediately act upon inspiration when and wherever it strikes and always know what to do next.

With the free and intuitive Trello app available on all your devices, combined with the Music Machine System you’ll get, the Machine Tracking Method is your always on, always accessible external music mind.

Freeing you up to focus on what you love to do best:

Make beautiful music.