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Music Machine Case Study Team (Flexible)

Music Machine Case Study Team (Flexible)

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Increase your music quantity and quality by 100% in 4 weeks
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Join the Music Machine Case Study Team

I've been running the new Music Machine program for a month. Our members continue to amaze me...

Music producers regularly increase their music quantity and quality by 100% (on average) in just 4 weeks.

So now I want to document these results with a new Music Machine Case Study Group...

I'm launching the Magic Music Machine program to the general public in September. Until then, I'm looking for a handful of producers to work with to create successful case studies.

So I'd like to work with you over the next 4 weeks starting this weekend.

    Here's What We're Going to Work On


    First you’ll “Splurge” massive quantities of ever better ideas in almost no time.

    Your Unique Instrument

    You’ll make massive quantity of better ideas by identifying Your Unique Instrument. Most people think of their studio (hardware and software) as a bunch of "tools" they choose from for each project.

    For the next 4 weeks we'll flip this. Instead, you'll develop YOUR unique setup. I'll show you how to use your studio as an instrument to master, not a bunch of gear to overwhelm you.

    Spot & Tweak

    I'll give you the “10min Spot & Tweak” method to transform idea generation into a process of constant improvement. With this you’ll exponentially increase the quality and quantity of your initial ideas.

    Direct Listening

    Next, I'll give you a revolutionary way of listening. You'll identify your best ideas by acquiring the skill of "hearing past" the mistakes through Direct Listening. So you can avoid the soul-crushing waste of time of polishing turds.


    Then, with your best ideas, you'll use "Discovery" to pull apart, reinvent and even destroy your best ideas. This is the secret to unique and memorable music which expresses who you are as a musician.

    Draft with Purpose

    We’ll focus on arranging next. You'll choose a PURPOSE for every piece of music, so you can give it shape and structure. Drafting With Purpose is key to making music that moves people by creating an emotional impact they'll never forget.

    Into the Done Space

    The most overlooked opportunity to improve your music is to get heaps of music DONE which you don't release but learn from. This is your path to consistent, never-ending improvement, guaranteeing the highest quality music.

    To do this, you'll move your track “Into the Done Space”, which is a simple, fast and effective mixing process. It allows you to make an objective, informed decision on whether you want to prepare it for Release.

    Personal Feedback on Your Music

    You'll get direct feedback on the music you’re working on using my ABCD method. I'll personally help you identify the REAL (but hidden) problems with your music.

    While the production problems are obvious, they don't fix the musical problems you hear but don't notice. With the clarity you've gained, the solutions become simple.

    Join the Case Study Team

    From experience, I know any one of these can transform your music immediately. I also know that ONE of these will resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity…

    So we can spend more time on that with you.

    In the next 4 weeks, I'll work with a small group personally. I'm looking for a handful of people who can implement, test and report on results.

    I'll use YOUR music as the Case Studies to apply these strategies.

    I'm ready to start immediately and want to invite YOU to join the Case Study Team.
    • Weekly Magic Music Machine Live Sessions (Also Recorded)

      Each week, you'll join a Magic Music Machine live session. You'll do each level - week by week.

      (You’ll get edited, easy to digest recordings of every session if you can’t make it live.)

    • Private Community

      Then we'll brainstorm specific ideas for YOUR music in a private "case study" channel on my Slack community. So you can put it into action and report on your results.

    • 4 Team Sessions

      Later in the week after each session, the Machine Case Study Team will meet separately, for my personal attention.

    Ready to Join the Case Study Team?

    I know we can create fantastic case studies from this. So I'll invest one-on-one time with you to ensure we maximize your results.

    The more you implement, the more I'll work with you.

    We will work closely together, so I'd like you to be sure you have some time to dedicate to this over the next 4 weeks.
    • The Breakthrough System To Make Music You're Proud Of.

      The Music Machine is a systematic method to solve every problem between you and pro-quality music.
      This is the ONLY music production approach to work WITH your mind - and not against it. With this system, you’ll get back to that rush of enjoyment, excitement and inspiration when you sustain blazing-fast progress.

      High quality music is not hard or complex when you work WITH your psychology.

    • A Simple Structure Gives You Maximum Flexibility.

      5 Machine levels give you goals you can be sure you’ll hit - beyond any other method or training.
      Every week expert coaches deliver new music games. They give you the knowledge you need when you need it. Every level every week means you can’t get behind or miss anything. Repeat as often as you need for mastery.
      A bulletproof system to practice and master brings you ultimate creative freedom.

    • Inspiring Live Sessions. Inspirational Community.

      Build your Machine step by step with other producers at every level of skill, success and experience.

      Making solo music in a group with others using the same method brings focus, clarity and motivation. Between sessions, you can ask questions, support others and share your progress with your community and coaches.

      Producing together every week turbo-charges your growth and development.

    5 Machine Levels to Make Much Better Music...

    Simple Steps To Top Quality.

    Level 1: Set Up to Splurge

    Create Quality Through Quantity.

    Make massive progress in tiny time slots.

    Forget everything you know about quality music. Typical approaches stress perfection from the start, which strangles ideas, kills enjoyment and slows your music to a crawl.

    Instead, you’ll Splurge an infinite supply of ever better ideas - ferociously fast.

    Level 2: Discover Freedom

    Find Your Inner Artist.

    Experiment, reinvent and reimagine your best ideas.

    While standard methods lead to cookie-cutter results, Discovery is the secret to unique, memorable music.

    So your music will finally express who you uniquely are.

    Level 3: Draft With Purpose

    Make Music Which Moves.

    Give your music direction, shape and structure through an intentional Arc.
    Common practices mean average arrangements. Purpose-driven Drafting is the key to making that powerful emotional impact they'll never forget.

    Level 4: Into the Done Space

    Curate for Outsized Results.

    Quality control without limits.

    Common practice is to finish one track at a time and release it all. Cue enormous pressure and attachment to every idea. So you ruin your best music and destroy your motivation.

    Instead, a lightning-fast process quickly delivers an ever-growing pile of demos to choose from. You’ll learn from those you don’t release, and those you do are way better than you expect.

    Level 5: Sweet Release!

    It’s As Simple As ABCD.

    Top-quality feedback delivers top-quality music.

    Most feedback is based on vague and changing opinions. But with the unique “ABCD” method, an expert coach will help you identify real problems in your music and how to fix them.

    With problem-focused feedback on music you’re preparing to release, you’ll be sure your music is the best it can be.

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    Insane Progress Before Your Eyes.

    On top of the Music Machine System, you’ll get the Machine Tracking Method.

    Forget files, projects and music lost in the depths of your hard drives. Simultaneous progress on massive quantities of music is a breeze.

    The Machine Tracking Method takes full advantage of project management systems from the software industry, upgrading and updating them for your problems as a music producer.

    Organise all your projects with a simple system so you’ll know exactly where everything is.
    Immediately find any song you’ve ever worked on and listen back on any device.
    Straight away see every tracks progress, what you’ve done and what you could do.
    Immediately act upon inspiration when and wherever it strikes and always know what to do next.

    With the free and intuitive Trello app available on all your devices, combined with the Music Machine System you’ll get, the Machine Tracking Method is your always on, always accessible external music mind.

    Freeing you up to focus on what you love to do best:

    Make beautiful music.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I can’t make a session?

    No worries! While it’s ideal to attend live, for the Music Machine Case Study Team there are replays of the live sessions so you can always catch up if you have to miss a live session.

    How long do I have access?

    You get passes to 4 live sessions of the Magic Music Machine and 4 live Case Study Coaching Calls over the 4 weeks of the Case Study Team. You have access to the recordings of the 4 sessions and 4 calls for life.

    Do you have a money back guarantee?

    Yes, make sure you email me directly and ask for the refund within 30 days of purchase to and you can get all your money back no worries.

    How long are the live sessions?

    The live sessions are 2 hours 30 minutes.