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Make an Album With Mike (Flexible)

Make an Album With Mike (Flexible)

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I'm working closely with a small group of musicians and producers for 3 months to complete our albums by September 18th 2024. Whether you're making a release-ready album or a collection of 10-12 individual songs/tracks, the "Make an Album With Mike" (MAWM) program will mean you get a bunch of high-quality music release ready!

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Here’s the 4 Phases of Making an Album

May 31 - Jun 27: Preparation

On May 31 (Jun 1 for Aus/NZ), we will meet for a "Unique Style Preparation".

In this 2-hour session, I'll show you how to set up so you can run 100s of experiments to find the ingredients which will make up your unique style.

Plus, I'll show you how to organise and arrange your life outside the studio.

This will set you up so that even with work, family, friends and life - you can laser-focus on making the best possible unique album.

Then, before the main program starts (four weeks after this session), you'll run these experiments for yourself using the specific unique style strategies I've given you.

Jun 28 - Jul 25: Idea Generation

One of the fatal mistakes when trying to make unique music is believing you can THINK your way into it.

You can't.

What you think you want to make is simply a starting point.

Extreme quantity is the best method for making the best music AND developing your unique style.

Trust me, I've been obsessed with my unique style for decades, and there's no other way to do it.

So, we'll turbocharge your idea generation to discover what your style and album could become.

Jul 26 - Aug 22: Execution

First, you'll say "no" to most of the ideas you've made and most of the experiments you've run.

Because you'll have made so much by this point, you'll be shocked to see an authentic style emerging—a style that excites you. This excitement and momentum will mean you can't help getting these ideas into an arrangement.

You'll still work on more than ends up on the final album, so you won't have to force ANYTHING.

By focusing on the best ideas, building draft arrangements in your unique style is a breeze.

Aug 23 - Sep 17: Presentation

By now, you'll have a clear style you're working towards and a clear idea of the shape of your album.

Some songs will be "possibles".

These will be either great OR in your unique style.

But some will be "musts".

The musts will be in your unique style AND great.

Starting with the "musts", we'll go deep into solving their problems.

Together, we'll iron out the issues between you and that unique style album you can be proud of!

Our final deadline is September 18

This gives us a week to finish up any bits and pieces, so you can work on getting the tracks release ready (or released).

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Miss RC
Make More Music Than You Thought Possible

Before I did a course with Mike, I was very slow at making music. I was precious with demos, laboured over tiny changes and basically never got anything finished. Learning Mike's method has completely changed my life and outlook as an artist. I'm now making and finishing more music than I ever thought was possible, and what feels like the most exciting, progressive + authentic music so far. His method works for my scatty, overthinking brain so well + I can't really imagine approaching music making in any other way. He challenges many preconceptions about the creative process + what it means to be an artist ie. that it has to be torturous. So if you want to find a way to make more music consistently + find a flow that is fun, creative + freeing then I recommend you do his course. Fellow MMYLers are passionate about his method, because it works.

Ilen Halogram
This course is just what I needed

This course is just what I needed to complete the process of making an album. With Mike's program Ive made more progress than I have in years. He puts order in the chaos. It really helps aa creative individual like myself stay on track and actually complete the process of making an album. Bravo!

David Franklyn
Worth every penny

I've got so much from these courses and the Make An Album with Mike course is the best for me. I've written so much and the quality is so much better than ever before. Mike and the team are incredible.I can't recommend this enough.

Saffron D
Useful for people that have a blank in the creative process

I wish I give it a 4.9 or 4.8 but a five is great enough number for me, Mike was able to give very insightful tips on how to get through a deadline,stress and going freely with writing songs and not over thinking about the writing process. I Will absolutely will be using his course again in the future for another release of mine when im ready to release. worth the 1000 dollars for sure you wont regret your money when you spend it :D

Collective Force
Need structure? Focus?

Need structure? Focus? Do you procrastinate or forever get distracted? Are you gonna tweak this setting until it's just perfect (X hours later).
Do you never have enough time or have to wait for that; feeling, mood or vibe before you can create?
Have you lost all hope & inspiration?

Then this course is for you, in fact, it'll refresh your whole perspective and approach to making music, you can implement this framework/modality to every aspect of your life for a total upgrade!

Here’s how the Make an Album With Mike program works:

M.A.W.M. Team Coaching

Every Thursday (Friday if you're Aus/NZ), we will meet for 2 hours. We'll alternate between:

a. Thoughtnado Sessions (bi-weekly from Jun 27)
So few artists think through what they're making and why. They just go into the studio, throwing random stuff at the wall. The artists who make much better, unique music have to take a different approach.

Take a step back and consider what you're going to throw at the wall. You'll save hours of frustration and get a much better result.

And these "Thoughtnado" sessions are where you'll do this.

They are my thinking tools designed to deliver deep insight into your music.

I've designed these new tools to identify and enhance the unique ingredients that will work together to make your album stand out from the crowd.

b. Studio Hours (bi-weekly from Jul 4)
I will personally help you solve the inevitable problems you’ll face making your album.

Bring music for feedback.

Or a problem you're stuck on.

Together we’ll find a breakthrough.

NOTE: to keep it simple, ALL SESSIONS start at the same time - 3pm EST (New York).

PLUS: All sessions are recorded. So if you can’t make it you won’t miss a thing.

Weekly Make Music With Mike Sessions

In these sessions, you'll make your music with others making theirs.

You'll do this live on Zoom or join the recorded replays.

This is "Solo Collaboration" - a weekly lightning bolt of motivation and clarity. 2.5 hours of focused music-making feels like 2.5 minutes!

I'll give you step-by-step music games to unlock your unique style. I design them bespoke for the group's needs/wants at every phase.

These sessions start at 3pm on Jun 30, then weekly until Sep 15.

PLUS - after the MAWM program is finishes on September 18, you’ll get lifetime access to the live weekly Make Music With Mike session to continue making music!

M.A.W.M. Team Community

You'll also join a private MAWM-only area of the Make Music Your Life Tribe.

Between sessions, you can ask questions, support others, and share your progress with your community and coaches.

“Sweet Release!” Bonus Session

MAWM is focused on making the album, so you'll have it done by September 18th 2024.

But in this final session on September 18, after celebrating our success, we'll focus on releasing and promoting your album to maximise exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the Live Sessions happen?

There will be two weekly sessions - Make Music With Mike sessions and Thoughtnado/Studio Hours sessions - until the album deadline.

Every Music Machine session will be on Monday at 5AM Brisbane​.

(Note: This time zone does NOT observe Daylight Savings Time)

If you're living outside of Australia, the sessions happen at:
Monday at 5AM Sydney
Sunday at 8PM London​
Sunday at 9PM Berlin​
Sunday at 12PM Los Angeles​
Sunday at 3PM New York

Every Thoughtnado/Studio Hours will be on Friday at 5AM Brisbane​.

If you're living outside of Australia, the sessions happen at:
Friday at 6AM Sydney
Thursday at 8PM London​
Thursday at 9PM Berlin​
Thursday at 12PM Los Angeles​
Thursday at 3PM New York

I'm worried I'll miss out if I can't be there for all Live Sessions...

You won't miss anything! The purpose of MAWM is for you to make an album WITHOUT destroying your life. :)

You do NOT have to make every weekly session. The reason there are so many is to provide support when you need it and to make each individual session less important.

The “Thoughtnado” sessions are more important (as we’ll be doing thinking exercises to help with the album).

But the Studio Hours sessions are simply Q&A / coaching sessions, which are optional.

I don’t think there’s anyone who came to all the sessions (except me and another coach)! In fact, a few people didn’t make any and simply did the program using the recordings. They loved it!

Plus, with the recordings, I make it very easy for you to catch up. I clearly mark the videos you can ignore and those which are essential.

What if I can’t make a session?

No worries! While it’s ideal to attend live, for Make an Album With Mike there are replays of the live sessions so you can always catch up if you have to miss a live session.

I make it very easy for you to catch up. I clearly mark the videos you can ignore and those which are essential.

How long do I have access?

You have access to the recordings of all sessions for life. In addition, you have lifetime access to the Make Music With Mike sessions once you complete your payment(s) for Make an Album With Mike.

How long are the live sessions?

The Make Music With Mike sessions are 2 hours 30 minutes. The Thoughtnado/Studio Hours are 2 hours (occasionally we run over, but you don't have to stay the entire time).

Will this work if I make [insert your genre] music?

Absolutely. Make an Album With Mike is a "genre agnostic" approach to get a 10 - 12 track album/EP of high-quality music release ready in 3 months.

Inside the program we have producers, musicians and songwriters from a DIVERSE background. We run the gambit from classical and jazz, to death metal and rock, to bluegrass and folk. 

Although the majority of the members ARE producing electronic music because my audience consists of people from that world. (No surprise considering MY background in house, techno, and electronica...) 

That said, EVERYTHING inside of Make an Album With Mike will apply to you, as long as you are writing, making and/or producing music. 

And that's because (as you'll see) the games you play work with the creative process on a "meta" level... it doesn't deal with the nitty gritty details of how to create tracks for specific genres.

In fact, one of the entire GOALS of the program is to accelerate the development of your own unique style... regardless of the genre you're creating. 

And in that regard, we have members who have been reporting that they've been making the BEST music of their entire careers... music that THEY are saying is "truly reflective" of THEM.

Will you be doing another Make an Album With Mike later in the year?

As I’ll have made 3 MAWM albums in 2023, I might not run this program again for a while (or possibly ever), so this might be your last opportunity to make your album with my help.

If you've take any of my past programs - Mike's Music Mastermind, Mastery, The Leap, etc. - not running a program again for a while (or possibly ever) is nothing new. 🤓

And if I enjoy making my 3rd album and do decide to run it again, the cost of the program will be US$1500. Because after working closely with 3 groups - the value has gone through the roof!

So whether I run MAWM again or not - this is definitely your last chance to get Make an Album With Mike at the reduced price of US$1000.

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