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Your Unique Instrument

Your Unique Instrument

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Master Your Unique Instrument

Your setup is not a bunch of stuff.

Let it become Your Unique Instrument.

It wants to be:

  • Something that you actually play...
  • Something that you can master...
  • Something that is an expression of YOU...
Your Unique Instrument wants express the musician you already are with all your strengths & weaknesses, what you enjoy, and what you don't like.
  • Set Up Your Unique Instrument

    A simple method for building Your Unique Instrument which lets you master your instrument, leverage your existing strengths, and create your own style.

  • Make Music (In A Lot Less Time)

    Create an emotional experience for your listener by playing the "Move Away/Move Towards" music game while using Your Unique Instrument as a creative limitation...

  • Endlessly Experiment & Upgrade

    We'll give you the tools to improve and iterate Your Unique Instrument as a result of what happens IN your music (and not a random tip, trick or gear you saw on YouTube).

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Instant Access

When you purchase the Your Unique Instrument game, you get instant access to it for as long as you need, so you can master the game by playing it as many times as you need.

Personal Help

Access to our coaching community so if you have questions or anything is unclear you won't be left high and dry.

100% Splurge Guarantee

If you aren't blown away by the results from splurging, simply email my team within 12 months of purchase and let us know that you would like your money back.

Yeah but Mike! That's not how I make music...

Look, I totally get it.

Not long ago, I made 524 pieces of music in 17 months.

Out of my 17 month long extended experiment came this simple, turbo-charged process to make much better music with much less effort by simplifying my Unique Instrument.

Right now, you might feel resistance to the idea of changing anything about your setup, especially if you're comfortable with your process and what you have right now...

(Because if you do change it, then the music that comes out can feel like you're taking steps back.)

So let me ask you...

How's that working for you right now?

Does your music authentically express YOU?
Do you still buy new bits of gear/VSTs to help you "find your sound"?
Do you feel there's still "something missing" in your music?

The music production industrial complex encourages us to do is to think of our studios as a bunch of stuff...

(But it's NOT a bunch of stuff. And it doesn't WANT to be a bunch of stuff!)

It's not static either, like just a piano.

If you wanna make the very best music you can, your setup wants to become your unique instrument.

Something you can actually play...
Something you can master...
Something that's an expression of YOU...

Playing this game means you'll get closer to finding your sound while upgrading Your Unique Instrument with actual music you're making through splurges.

So if you're thinking, "This isn't how I make music...", treat this like it's an ongoing experiment where we are testing things with an open mind. 

Within the training, you'll make progress by...

  1. Guessing what you could try with Your Unique Instrument
  2. Making a hypothesis about what could happen
  3. Doing the session
  4. Reviewing the session
  5. Changing Your Unique Instrument according to the results of the session