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Magic Music Machine (Flexible)

Magic Music Machine (Flexible)

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  • The Breakthrough System To Make Music You're Proud Of.

    The Music Machine is a systematic method to solve every problem between you and pro-quality music.
    This is the ONLY music production approach to work WITH your mind - and not against it. With this system, you’ll get back to that rush of enjoyment, excitement and inspiration when you sustain blazing-fast progress.

    High quality music is not hard or complex when you work WITH your psychology.

  • A Simple Structure Gives You Maximum Flexibility.

    5 Machine levels give you goals you can be sure you’ll hit - beyond any other method or training.
    Every week expert coaches deliver new music games. They give you the knowledge you need when you need it. Every level every week means you can’t get behind or miss anything. Repeat as often as you need for mastery.
    A bulletproof system to practice and master brings you ultimate creative freedom.

  • Inspiring Live Sessions. Inspirational Community.

    Build your Machine step by step with other producers at every level of skill, success and experience.

    Making solo music in a group with others using the same method brings focus, clarity and motivation. Between sessions, you can ask questions, support others, and share your progress with your community and coaches.

    Producing together every week turbo-charges your growth and development.

5 Machine Levels to Make Much Better Music...

Simple Steps To Top Quality.

Level 1: Set Up to Splurge

Create Quality Through Quantity.

Make massive progress in tiny time slots.

Forget everything you know about quality music. Typical approaches stress perfection from the start, which strangles ideas, kills enjoyment and slows your music to a crawl.

Instead, you’ll Splurge an infinite supply of ever better ideas - ferociously fast.

Level 2: Discover Freedom

Find Your Inner Artist.

Experiment, reinvent and reimagine your best ideas.

While standard methods lead to cookie-cutter results, Discovery is the secret to unique, memorable music.

So your music will finally express who you uniquely are.

Level 3: Draft With Purpose

Make Music Which Moves.

Give your music direction, shape and structure through an intentional Arc.
Common practices mean average arrangements. Purpose-driven Drafting is the key to making that powerful emotional impact they'll never forget.

Level 4: Into the Done Space

Curate for Outsized Results.

Quality control without limits.

Common practice is to finish one track at a time and release it all. Cue enormous pressure and attachment to every idea. So you ruin your best music and destroy your motivation.

Instead, a lightning-fast process quickly delivers an ever-growing pile of demos to choose from. You’ll learn from those you don’t release, and those you do are way better than you expect.

Level 5: Sweet Release!

It’s As Simple As ABCD.

Top-quality feedback delivers top-quality music.

Most feedback is based on vague and changing opinions. But with the unique “ABCD” method, an expert coach will help you identify real problems in your music and how to fix them.

With problem-focused feedback on music you’re preparing to release, you’ll be sure your music is the best it can be.

Insane Progress Before Your Eyes.

On top of the Music Machine System, you’ll get the Machine Tracking Method.

Forget files, projects and music lost in the depths of your hard drives. Simultaneous progress on massive quantities of music is a breeze.

The Machine Tracking Method takes full advantage of project management systems from the software industry, upgrading and updating them for your problems as a music producer.

Organise all your projects with a simple system so you’ll know exactly where everything is.
Immediately find any song you’ve ever worked on and listen back on any device.
Straight away see every tracks progress, what you’ve done and what you could do.
Immediately act upon inspiration when and wherever it strikes and always know what to do next.

With the free and intuitive Trello app available on all your devices, combined with the Music Machine System you’ll get, the Machine Tracking Method is your always on, always accessible external music mind.

Freeing you up to focus on what you love to do best:

Make beautiful music.

Alternative Price Options

We've created two flexible options to join the Magic Music Machine - Monthly or Yearly - pause or cancel at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Magic Music Machine Live Sessions happen?

Every session will be on Monday at 5AM Brisbane​.

(Note: This time zone does NOT observe Daylight Savings Time)

If you're living outside of Australia, the sessions happen at:
Monday at 5AM Sydney
Sunday at 8PM London​
Sunday at 9PM Berlin​
Sunday at 12PM Los Angeles​
Sunday at 3PM New York

How long are the live sessions?

The live sessions are 2 hours 30 minutes.

To save your valuable time, the Live Playbacks are 1 hour 30 minutes. (We edit out the sections which only work live, but everything you need to master the system is included.)

What if I can’t make it to one of the sessions?

No worries!

We will be running every level on every session. No falling off. No catching up. No falling behind.​

Every session will be:
Monday at 5AM Brisbane​
Sunday at 8PM London​
Sunday at 9PM Berlin​
Sunday at 12PM Los Angeles​
Sunday at 3PM New York

If you can’t be there on the live session, a Live Playback of every level of the Music Machine is available so you can catch up at a time that’s more convenient.

How do I know if this is right for me?

1. You're serious about making much better music.

2. You are open-minded, friendly and coachable.

3. You know you could make better music with less time and effort.

Will this work if I make [insert your genre] music?

Absolutely. The Magic Music Machine is a "genre agnostic" approach to doubling the quality and quantity of your music.

Inside the program we have producers, musicians and songwriters from a DIVERSE background. We run the gambit from classical and jazz, to death metal and rock, to bluegrass and folk. 

Although the majority of the members ARE producing electronic music because my audience consists of people from that world. (No surprise considering MY background in house, techno, and electronica...) 

That said, EVERYTHING inside of The Magic Music Machine will apply to you, as long as you are writing, making and/or producing music. 

And that's because (as you'll see) the games you play work with the creative process on a "meta" level... it doesn't deal with the nitty gritty details of how to create tracks for specific genres.

In fact, one of the entire GOALS of the program is to accelerate the development of your own unique style... regardless of the genre you're creating. 

And in that regard, we have members who have been reporting that they've been making the BEST music of their entire careers... music that THEY are saying is "truly reflective" of THEM.

Will this work if I make music in [insert your DAW/set up]?

Magic Music Machine, like all of my programs, is "DAW neutral", so no matter what software or tools you’re working with, this will work for you.

Remember: this isn't a music production tutorial on how to "produce" and use your tools - it’s a Universal system for optimizing your creative process.

If you happen to have a DAW or hardware specific question, then someone in the Tribe community will be able to help you. You can post your question to ask, or hop on a Live Session and we can talk about it together. 

Will this work if I'm a producer / songwriter / mixing engineer / film composer / etc.?

This is NOT something you need to worry about. As you're reading this now, I'm coaching a one-to-one client who writes songs. I am coaching her about specifically her lyrics using the Magic Music Machine

Having said that, the Magic Music Machine (MMM) is best learned with INSTRUMENTAL music (and if you want to become a better producer the MMM is hands down the best way to do that).

But that's simply because writing lyrics AND music create more complexity in your process. There's additional things you need to think about. And learning the MMM is a process which requires you to overcome a lot of bad habits and learn new ways of doing and being which require effort until these new ways become natural for you.

So by lowering the bar and (first time through) writing instrumentals allows you to focus more on the CREATIVE PROCESS ITSELF - which lies "above" whatever it is you might be creating.

We have songwriters, hip hop artists, film composers, classical composers who write music on paper - and of course instrumental electronic producers.

So in short - DO NOT WORRY.

If you want to do it - then me and the MMYL team and community are here to help you get the process (and results) you're looking for.

What's the difference between Make an Album With Mike and Magic Music Machine?

In both programs you’re getting the Music Machine system.

Here are the main differences:

1. Self Directed & Ongoing

Magic Music Machine is self-paced with an open-ended program and ongoing with no end date.

Make an Album With Mike is directed with a structured program and ends on the album release date.

2. Your Music Gym

Magic Music Machine has one weekly live session to help you finish more music and learn the Music Machine. It's like your personal gym class for making music - you'll join a live session to make music and learn what to do to continue making music through the week.

Make an Album With Mike includes the Magic Music Machine live sessions and we meet together for another coaching session with Team MAWM so you get personal help as you make your album.

3. Weekly Replay Rotation

Since the Magic Music Machine program is an ongoing training program, the weekly replays simulate the live training (no pausing) and change over once a week.

Because Make an Album With Mike ends on a specific date, recordings of every live session are uploaded to a private space so you can play back and repeat any of the sessions as many times as you'd like.

4. No Commitment. Cancel anytime.

As the Magic Music Machine is an ongoing training program, the commitment reflects the price. You can pause/cancel at any time you'd like, no minimum required.

Make an Album With Mike is US$1500 with payment plan options. When you join, you're committing to make an album with Team MAWM, and payments cannot be cancelled at anytime.

What's the difference between Magic Music Machine and Automatic Music Machine?

In both programs you’re getting the Music Machine. But the Magic Music Machine is way more valuable.

First up - it’s infinitely more flexible for you. The AMM had 6 sessions (for different “levels” of the Machine system - Splurge / Discover / Draft / Done) delivered over 6 weeks. So it started on a date and ended on a date.

This meant you had to be available, and you could get behind. We had this covered because you got access to all future classes - but still, if you missed a particular stage of the machine - you’d wait for the next class.

The Magic Music Machine is running all the time, with each “level” running every week - in separate break out rooms. This means you can miss a week and not get behind. You can repeat stages if you missed anything or to master a level.

Also because it’s running constantly, I’m creating fresh new “games” for the different levels, to keep your process fun and engaging.

We always start and end each session together with the whole group with some crucial mindset / strategy / future thinking type stuff. Which in coaching my A listers I’ve found is utterly essential to make it in the modern music industry.

This didn’t happen in the AMM.

Finally, because of this new flexible format the price is WAY lower. Doing it in classes meant we had to charge $1200 to get the Machine - which meant you had access to all future classes. In the Magic Music Machine, you can join for say 6 months to learn the machine and then leave.

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can cancel at any time yourself from your personal customer access portal.

No questions. No hassle. No problem.