Insane Progress Before Your Eyes.

On top of the Music Machine System, you’ll get the Machine Tracking Method.

Forget files, projects and music lost in the depths of your hard drives. Simultaneous progress on massive quantities of music is a breeze.

The Machine Tracking Method takes full advantage of project management systems from the software industry, upgrading and updating them for your problems as a music producer.

Organise all your projects with a simple system so you’ll know exactly where everything is.
Immediately find any song you’ve ever worked on and listen back on any device.
Straight away see every tracks progress, what you’ve done and what you could do.
Immediately act upon inspiration when and wherever it strikes and always know what to do next.

With the free and intuitive Trello app available on all your devices, combined with the Music Machine System you’ll get, the Machine Tracking Method is your always on, always accessible external music mind.

Freeing you up to focus on what you love to do best:

Make beautiful music.