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Idea Explosion Challenge

Idea Explosion Challenge

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Over the next 11 days, let me show you how you can make more music than you have in the last 11 months...

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Here's how the "Idea Explosion Challenge" works:

Immediate Access To The Course

Once you join the program, you're going to get immediate access to the Make Music Your Life Tribe.

This is where you'll be able to login, find all the high quality videos and follow all of the challenge instructions. I'll personally walk you through the 3 phases of the challenge.

Then, I'll give you specific instructions on the action you need take at that very moment.

Each day you'll receive another video with specific instructions on what you need to complete for that day of the challenge.


Through the experience of helping top pros finish better music around insane touring schedules, I've put together 2 quick steps to help you be intentional and FOCUSED when you make music.

You'll discover the T.I.C.K. process for eliminating all unnecessary distractions, so you can become immediately focused when it's "studio time."

We'll get you set up with Your Unique Instrument, so you can start making music that's authentic and unique to YOU and your sound.

In less than 30 minutes you'll be ready to start creating lots of music :)

The Splurge

This is where we start coming up with new ideas consistently, day by day.

First, I'll introduce the "Core Splurge," which will become the fuel of your creative process.

To help you stay on course, you're going to learn about "The Rules of The Splurge", which I've developed as a simple set of commandments to keep you on course.

Then we're going to introduce new games you can play with the Splurge technique.

Many of my students are BLOWN AWAY by the musical ideas they're able to conjure...far beyond how they "typically make music."

And I'm confident it will be the same for you.

Direct Listening

Phase 3 is where you're going to use my "Direct Listening Technique" to assess the ideas that you've created during the challenge.

You might be thinking "Mike, I already know how to listen. I do it every day!"

What most musicians and producers don't realise is they're not actually listening to their music, but something else entirely different!

I'm going to show you the exact techniques I share with my private clients on how they can identify the best ideas to take forward.

Using these techniques, students and clients of mine have finished 5 tracks in a weekend!

Music Machine Template + Mini-Course

Your Music Machine template includes step-by-step instructions and checklists with examples of music "games" so you clearly understand each of the stages of the Music Machine by actually making music.

You'll make your own copy of the Music Machine "board" (completely private) so you can visually track the progress of all your songs, decide what to improve, and never lose track of your progress.

We've also included an optional "Ignite Your Music Machine" mini-course and podcast. With this extra help, you can be sure the system produces the results other musicians are getting.

Using the Music Machine, you can direct listen to your music from any device. What's more is when you get inspired anywhere, there's space in your template to note your ideas to move your music forward.

Supportive Community

You'll also gain access to the Make Music Your Life Tribe.

This is the most supportive music community on the internet where I, my coaches and the entire community can answer any questions you have.

So no matter when you do the training, you can be sure you'll always know exactly what to do!

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Join 1000s of Musicians and Producers Using The Idea Explosion Challenge To Finish Better Music Today...

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Idea Explosion Challenge and other programs?

This is a self-paced course that teaches you my unique Splurge methodology to help you create loads of new ideas over the next 11 days.

How long do I have access?

You'll gain lifetime access to the Make Music Your Life Tribe, where the videos, resources and instructions will be hosted so you can practice the process as many times as you'd like.

I don't have a problem with new ideas. I need help finishing more music!

Even if you're already a prolific musician making loads of ideas every day, you can benefit from this program because starting more ideas will lead to finishing more (and better) music by leveraging "quality THROUGH quantity."

If you think you're already making a lot, I can guarantee you're underestimating how much MORE you can create.

The other reasons you struggle to finish more music is you're over-listening and overworking the good ideas.

This is especially common if you feel there are only so many of your best ideas.

By creating a consistent abundance of new ideas, you'll begin to feel less attached to your best ideas (because there will always be MORE) and learn to gain distance from your best ideas ideas (so you know what to do in order to finish them).

If you're beating a track into submission and wondering why you struggle to finish your music, then creating more ideas IS the solution, not the problem.

Does this program teach me the basics of music production?

Our coaching programs do not cover the basics of music production. There are lots of tutorials available, including manuals.

In the Idea Explosion Challenge, you'll get my unique, creative "Splurge" methodology for coming up with TONS of new track ideas on the fly. It’s a Universal system for optimizing your idea generation process.

If you know how to load up an instrument, record, and export the audio, you have more than enough experience to follow this program.

Will this work if I make [insert your genre] music?

Absolutely. The Idea Explosion Challenge is a "genre agnostic" approach to making music.

Inside the program we have producers, musicians and songwriters from a DIVERSE background. We run the gambit from classical and jazz, to death metal and rock, to bluegrass and folk. 

Although the majority of the members ARE producing electronic music because my audience consists of people from that world. 

(No surprise considering MY background in house, techno, and electronica...) 

That said, EVERYTHING inside of The Idea Explosion Challenge will apply to you, as long as you are writing, making and/or producing music. 

And that's because (as you'll see) the games you play work with the creative process on a "meta" level... it doesn't deal with the nitty gritty details of how to create tracks for specific genres.

Will this work if I make music in [insert your DAW/set up]?

The Idea Explosion Challenge, like all of my programs, is "DAW neutral", so no matter what software or tools you’re working with, this will work for you.

Remember: this isn't a music production tutorial on how to "produce" and use your tools - it’s a Universal system for optimizing your idea generation process.

If you happen to have a DAW or hardware specific question, then someone (including myself and the Make Music Your Life coaches) in the Tribe community will be able to help you. You can post your question to ask.

Can't I find all this information online or through YouTube tutorials?

I can guarantee nothing from this program can be found online.

You won't find it in any online forums teaching you how to do this.

You won't find this on any YouTube tutorial.

The core rules for the Splurge can be found on the Make Music Your Life channel, but nothing as comprehensive as